Laurent Guyénot, the author of this book, was born in France in 1960. He graduated in 1982 as en engineer from L'Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées (Paris) and worked a few years in the armament industry in Orlando, Florida, before turning to potery and theology. He obtained a Master's degree in Biblical History in New York Unification Theological Seminary in 1990. In 2009, while teaching English in University of Savoy, he earned a PhD in Medieval Studies in La Sorbonne University (Paris IV). He has published in the fields of history of religions and narrative anthropology. As an investigative journalist, he has also authored the only French study of the psychological and social damage of mass pornography.

JFK-9/11 assembles the most significant and well-documented “deep events” of the last fifty years into a coherent narrative of the “deep history” of the United States and its sphere of influence. The result is both a concise introduction for newcomers (a “deep history for dummies”), and an insightful perspective for informed readers. 

Relying strictly on documented evidence and state-of-the-art JFK and 9/11 research, the book cuts through the layers of government and mainstream media lies, to expose the hidden powers at work in the Empire’s underground foreign policy. It documents the role of undercover and paramilitary operations, psychological warfare and disinformation campaigns, and above all false flag terror, in the course of world politics since the beginning of the Cold War, and increasingly since September 11th.

The book is divided in two parts: the first deals with the underlying forces of the Cold War, the second with the driving forces of the War on Terror. The period investigated begins just before November 22, 1963 and peaks on September 11, 2001, the two deep events that weigh most heavily on the unfolding of American and world history. The author highlights their structural similarities, examines how one made the other possible thirty-eight years later, and follows the underlying thread leading from the one to the other, in the hope of anticipating and circumventing future atrocities.